Team Parkinson's Disease Society Isle of Man

Join the movement that's uniting to end Parkinson's. Forever.

People with Parkinson's deserve better.
  »  1 million people across the UK are affected by Parkinson's
  »  87% of people with Parkinson's have faced harassment and discrimination
  »  There is still no cure

But you can make a real difference

  Team Parkinson's Disease Society is for Everyone

Watch the video to see why it is so important to help researchers look for a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

There is a role for you too!!

The team has already achieved so much but there is still so much we need to do, including

  »   fundraising to support the local Parkinson's Patients
  »   supporting the research to fight to cure Parkinson's Disease

But there's still more to do. And the more people who join in, the stronger we will be.
Why we are supporting Parkinson's Disease Society Isle of Man!

Our friendly team in on hand to answer questions about the Parkinson's Disease Society and how to join or donate. Please call (07624) 309409 or email [email protected]
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Call to : (07624) 309409
Email : [email protected]
Facebook : @caringforPDSsufferers
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