The most commonly exercised right is that used by individuals to obtain a copy, a subject to exemptions, of their personal data processed by Parkinson's Disease Society Isle of Man and/or to request access to the information that an organisation holds about them.

This is known as the right of subject access which entitles you to ask us for information including:

  »  what information we hold about you
  »  how we got it
  »  why we're holding it
  »  who we share or intend to share it with
  »  how long we intend to store it
  »  how we protect it if we send the information outside the European Economic Area

You have the right to see this information or be given a copy. We have the right to provide information requested in a summary format rather than copies of original files.

There are certain circumstances when the charity may have to refuse your request but these are limited and we will always try to give you as much information as possible, explaining our decision.

Requesting Information About Yourself

Before responding to any request from the charity, you must be able to satisfy us that the information you are requesting is about you adn that you are who you say you are. This is so we do not accidently supply information to or about the wrong people. So we can confirm your identity, please include certified copies of the following documents with your request:

  »  a piece of photographic ID (i.e. a passport or driving licence which confirms your identity )
  »  a proof of address ( i.e. a utility bill )

The above requirements must be met before your request can be processed and failure to do this may invalidate your request or delay our response. But once we have these details, Parkinson's Disease Society Isle of Man has 1 month to supply the information to you or to explain why your request may have been refused.

To assist you in making a valid request and to avoid any delays, please submit your request using one of the following methods:

  »  verbally, including by phone
  »  in writing

Once we have all the necessary to respond to your request we'll provide your information to you within one month. This time frame may be extended by up to two months if your request is particularly complex.

Requesting information about someone else

You only have the right to request access to information about yourself unless you can prove that you are formally managing the affairs of someone else; i.e. by having been granted lasting powers of attorney or having them sign a letter allowing this.

Those with parental responsibility may request information about their children but you must remember that the information itself and the right to access it remains that of the child. The charity's responsibility in these cases therefore to the child and we must take their best interests into account. This means that information requests about children will be considered on a case by case basis. If we consider that the child is old enough to understand their right of subject access and is able to interpret the information we will supply them the request from a parent may be refused and the child instructed to submit a request in their own right.

It is also important to remember that your rights only apply to living individuals. Therefore requests for information about deceased individuals are not valid and may be refused. However, if you are the executor of their will, or a legal successor, we may be able to provide you some information in confidence. Please contact the data protection officer to discuss this.

What Happens Next?

We will acknowledge receipt of your request in writing either by email ( if an email address is provided ) or by letter. We aim to acknowledge an information request within five working days of it being received. Your acknowledgement will record the date your request was received and the deadline by which you can expect a response from us.

Our response to your request, unless stated otherwise, will be supplied with associated information in a hard copy to your address.

If you would prefer to receive our response in another format ( i.e. by email or sent to another address ), please specify this when you send in your request. Please be aware that if another address if requested by you, it will require you to send in further proof of address information.

We aim to respond to all requests within the statutory one month deadline. This time frame may be extended by up to two months if your request is particularly complex. Our response will either include the information you requested or an explanation of why we have decided to refuse to provide any or all of it.

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